Bing Ads Technical Guides


The technical guides below describe core advertising scenarios using Bing Ads services.

Bing Ads Services ProtocolReview requirements and best practices for using Bing Ads services efficiently.
Managing User Authentication with OAuthManage Bing Ads accounts linked to a Microsoft Account using OAuth access tokens.
Managing Customer AccountsReview advertising business models, and manage your customer accounts and users.
Campaign Setup and BasicsSetup and manage core advertising entities including campaigns and ad groups.
Ad ExtensionsWith ad extensions, you can decorate ads with additional information that helps customers find relevant information about your products and services. For example, you can include deep links into your website to quickly direct your customers to relevant promotional or technical information that may help increase conversions. Bing Ads offers the following popular ad extension types.
Upgrade from Multiple Sitelinks to One Sitelink Per ExtensionUse this guide to prepare for migration from multiple sitelinks to one sitelink per ad extension.

Important: During calendar year 2017, Bing Ads will upgrade all sitelinks ad extensions (contains multiple sitelinks per ad extension) to sitelink2 ad extensions (contains one sitelink per ad extension). If you are interested in upgrading earlier, please reach out to your account manager or contact support. Please check back for more details at the Bing Ads API Blog.
Bing Shopping CampaignsA Bing Shopping campaign enables you to advertise the products from your Bing Merchant Center store product catalog. Product ads from a Bing Shopping campaign include details about the product, an image, and optional promotional text.
Show Ads to Your Target AudienceTarget your ads to display to users of a certain age group, display on certain days of the week, or display to users in a particular geographical area.
Downloading and Uploading CampaignsDownload and upload campaign data in bulk asynchronously in the background.
Managing Editorial Review and AppealsLearn about the editorial review process and how to determine whether ads or keywords passed or failed the review.
Getting ReportsGet detailed reports about accounts, campaigns, and ad groups. The information can help you track finances, measure performance, and adjust settings to optimize your budget or campaign.
Researching Bid and Budget OpportunitiesGet suggestions for new keywords, estimated bids by ad result position, estimated position by bid, and historical marketplace performance for potential new keywords.
Handling Service Errors and ExceptionsReview suggestions for error handling and troubleshooting your application.
Universal Event TrackingUniversal event tracking (UET) tags record what customers do on your website, and then Bing Ads starts collecting that data allowing you to track conversions (like purchases or leads) or target audiences using remarketing lists.

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