ComponentTypeFilter Value Set


Defines the possible components of a rich ad that you can use to filter the report data. The values are also used as the data values for the ComponentType column in the rich ad component performance report.

<xs:simpleType name="ComponentTypeFilter">
      <xs:restriction base="xs:string">
        <xs:enumeration value="Basic" />
        <xs:enumeration value="Deeplink" />
        <xs:enumeration value="Form" />
        <xs:enumeration value="Image" />
        <xs:enumeration value="FavoriteIcon" />
        <xs:enumeration value="Video" />
        <xs:enumeration value="TitledLink" />

BasicThe title of the ad that contains a hyperlink to a destination URL.
DeeplinkA hyperlink to a webpage inside the destination website.
FavoriteIconThe icon that displays next to the display URL.
FormAn entry form on the ad that gathers data from the user. Clicking the button on the form counts as a click.
ImageAn image in the ad that contains a hyperlink to a destination URL.
TitledLinkA link in a pharmaceutical ad that links to additional drug information.
VideoA video embedded in the ad that the user can click to play.

To determine which rich ad types can contain each component, see RichAdSubTypeFilter. All rich ad types can contain the Basic and FavoriteIcon component types.

ReportingService.svc v9



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