AdTypeReportFilter Value Set


Defines the ad type values that you can use to filter the report data. These values are also used as column values in reports that include the ad type, such as the ad performance report.

<xs:simpleType name="AdTypeReportFilter">
      <xs:restriction base="xs:string">
        <xs:enumeration value="Text" />
        <xs:enumeration value="Mobile" />
        <xs:enumeration value="Image" />
        <xs:enumeration value="RichMedia" />
        <xs:enumeration value="Local" /> 
        <xs:enumeration value="ThirdPartyCreative" />
        <xs:enumeration value="RichAd" />
        <xs:enumeration value="Product" /> 
        <xs:enumeration value="AppInstall" /> 
        <xs:enumeration value="ExpandedText" /> 

AppInstallThe report will include app install ads.
ExpandedTextThe report will include expanded text ads.
ImageNot supported.
LocalNot supported.
MobileThe report will include mobile ads.
ProductThe report will include product ads.
RichAdThe report will include rich ads.
RichMediaNot supported.
TextThe report will include text ads.
ThirdPartyCreativeThe report will contain creative ads that are served by third parties.

This value set is used as a set of flags. You can combine the values when setting an element of this type. For example, in C#, use the following code example to filter the report data for text and product ads in the report.

objAdPerformanceReportFilter.AdType = 
    AdTypeReportFilter.Text | AdTypeReportFilter.Product;

ReportingService.svc v9



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