This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

ATL Server Architecture 

This section provides information about the request handling architecture provided by ATL Server for your Web applications and XML Web services. Each main element is described in detail in its own topic.

In This Section

Major Components

Contains a high level overview of the major components in the request handling architecture: IIS, ISAPI extension DLLs, Web application DLLs, and server response files.

Internet Information Services

Describes the role of IIS in the request handling architecture and provides links to topics related to registering your DLLs with IIS.

ISAPI Extension DLL

Provides information about the important interfaces and classes used by your ISAPI extension DLL and describes its relationship to IIS and Web application DLLs.

Thread Pool

Provides details on the role of the thread pool in ATL Server applications. Describes the creation of per-thread services, resizing the pool, and obtaining information about the pool's behavior.

Web Application DLL Cache

Contains information about managing the DLL cache and replacing Web application DLLs while the application is running.

Server Response File Cache

Describes the operation of the server response file cache and provides information about obtaining cache statistics and counters.

Response Cache

Provides information about controlling the caching of the responses generated by your request handlers and examines some security related issues.

Web Application DLL

Explains the basic features of a Web application DLL.

Request Handler

Describes the features of a request handler, including the classes and interfaces of interest, and provides information about creating replacement methods.

Server Response File

Describes the role of server response files in the ATL Server request handling architecture and provides links to further reference topics.

Sequence of Events

Describes the typical sequence of events when an HTTP request for a server response file is received by an ATL Server application.

SRF Request Architecture

Displays the essential elements of the request handling architecture as a diagram.

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