NetworkSession.Find Method

Issues a matchmaking query, searching for available multiplayer sessions. This method blocks until the operation has completed.

Namespace: Microsoft.Xna.Framework.Net
Assembly: Microsoft.Xna.Framework (in microsoft.xna.framework.dll)

public static AvailableNetworkSessionCollection Find (
         NetworkSessionType sessionType,
         int maxLocalGamers,
         NetworkSessionProperties searchProperties


Type of session being searched for.
Maximum number of local players on the same gaming machine in this network session.
Optional session properties to match during the search. If this argument is null, the query results will not be filtered based on the session properties of available sessions. If any of the search property values in searchProperties are specified, only sessions with matching properties will be returned by the query. null items in the searchProperties collection will match to any value for that session property.

Return Value

Collection of available network multiplayer sessions.

Exception typeCondition
ArgumentException Find cannot be used from NetworkSession objects of session type NetworkSessionType.Local.
ArgumentOutOfRangeException maxLocalGamers must be between 1 and 4.

Xbox 360, Windows XP SP2, Windows Vista

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