Undocumented BizTalk Namespaces

Microsoft® BizTalk 2009 Accelerator for RosettaNet (BTARN) contains several BizTalk projects. These projects include namespaces and classes that you can interact with like a traditional namespace. However, most users interact with the BizTalk namespaces by adding them as references to BizTalk projects in Microsoft Visual Studio®.NET and not through code. Therefore, the following namespaces are not fully documented in this release of BTARN:

  • Microsoft.Solutions.BTARN.CommonTypes

    Contains helper orchestrations for public processes. Also contains the pipeline for processing RNIF messages.

  • Microsoft.Solutions.BTARN.Pipelines

    Contains the Receive and Send pipelines that BTARN uses to receive and send messages.

  • Microsoft.Solutions.BTARN.PrivateInitiator

    Describes the default private initiator supplied by BTARN that initiates the messaging sequence.

  • Microsoft.Solutions.BTARN.PrivateResponder

    Contains the private responder that receives the first message from the private initiator.

  • Microsoft.Solutions.BTARN.PublicInitiator

    Contains the main public orchestrations for BTARN.

  • Microsoft.Solutions.BTARN.PublicResponder

    Contains the public responder to the public orchestrations.

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