Sync Framework Metadata Storage Service

This section of the documentation describes the metadata storage service. This service helps to store synchronization metadata for a provider when the provider represents a replica that cannot otherwise store metadata.

In This Section

Getting Started Storing Metadata

Describes the basics of using the metadata storage service.

Accessing Replica Metadata

Describes the interfaces and objects that are used to access the metadata contained in the metadata store.

Interoperating with a Provider

Describes the methods that are provided to help the metadata store interoperate with a synchronization provider.

Detecting Deleted Items

Describes the delete detection service. This service helps a provider detect deletes on a replica that does not automatically track them.

Accessing Metadata from Components with Different Versions

Describes ways to use the canonical serialization format of the metadata store to interoperate across components of differing versions.

Upgrading the Metadata Store Version

Discusses upgrading the metadata store both because the version of Sync Framework has changed, and because the version of the provider has changed.



Provides reference material for the namespaces, types and members in the metadata storage service managed API.

Sync Framework Metadata Storage Service Components

Provides reference material for the interfaces, functions, and data types in the metadata storage service unmanaged API.

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