Synchronizing Web Feeds

This section of the Sync Framework documentation describes Web feed synchronization components (referred to as Sync Services for FeedSync in previous releases). The web feed producer and consumer components can be used to synchronize the data of another type of replica with an RSS or Atom feed. The web feed synchronization provider services can be used to write a provider that represents a FeedSync XML file as its replica. For more information about FeedSync, see the FeedSync Web site. This section provides basic conceptual information and how-to topics that include managed and unmanaged code. Additional samples are available in the Sync Framework SDK and on Code Gallery.

The following topics provide introductory information about Sync Framework. If you are already familiar with these topics, see In this Section and Reference for more information.

Benefits of Using Sync Framework

Describes the benefits of using Sync Framework.

What's New in Sync Framework 2.0

Describes features that have been added or enhanced in this version of Sync Framework.

Selecting the Appropriate Sync Framework Components

Helps you to find the correct component to use for your synchronization scenario, and describes the Sync Framework architecture.

Installation, Redistribution, and Version Compatibility

Describes the installation packages that install Sync Framework, and how those installation packages can be redistributed with applications that use Sync Framework.

In This Section

Producing RSS and Atom Feeds

Describes the components that are used to produce the data of a replica as an RSS or Atom feed.

Consuming RSS and Atom Feeds

Describes the components that are used to consume an RSS or Atom feed and apply its items to the data store of a replica.

Converting IDs and Items for RSS and Atom Feeds

Describes the interfaces an application must implement to convert IDs and item data to and from the XML format that is used by a feed.

How to: Create an Unmanaged Feed Producer

Describes how to use an unmanaged language, such as C++, to create an application that uses Sync Framework to produce an RSS feed from a list of files in a folder.



Provides reference material for the namespaces, types, and members in the Web feed synchronization managed API.

Sync Framework Web Synchronization Components

Provides reference material for the interfaces, functions, and data types in the Web feed synchronization unmanaged API.

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