This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Getting Started With Custom Reports for Team System

To better track your team's progress in Visual Studio Team System Team Foundation Server, you can create reports that highlight the data that is most important for your project. By creating your own reports, you can drill down on specific information that is not analyzed by the default reports in Team Foundation Server. In addition, you can customize how your reports are run, displayed, and delivered to each member of your team.

Before you start to create reports, you should decide which tools can best help you create and manage reports. You should then decide which data source will provide the kind of information that you want.

Reporting Tools

You can use any tool that can connect to a SQL Server database to create your reports. For example, many teams use Excel if they want to quickly create reports. If you are already familiar with SQL Server Report Designer, you might use this tool for more advanced report design and report management features. After you create reports in Report Designer, you can publish them so that they show up in the Reports folder in Team Explorer. For more information, see Choosing a Tool to Create Reports for Team System.

Sources of Data

When you create a report for Team System, you pull data from the warehouse for Team Foundation Server. This warehouse provides two sources of data: an analysis services database and a relational database. You can also use a work item query to create a report in certain cases. To get started quickly, use the analysis services database or a work item query. For more information, see Choosing the Source of Data in a Report for Team System.

You can use the procedures in the following table to experiment with different approaches for creating a report.

After you have created your report, you can then share it and manage permissions and other properties of the report. For more information, see Managing Reports in Reporting Services for Team System and Managing Excel Reports for Team System in the Project Portal.

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