Deployment (Integration Services)

Plan for the installation of Integration Services and for the deployment of the packages that you develop in Microsoft SQL Server 2008.


Because packages may contain sensitive data, it is recommended that you do not deploy packages on a UCP database server.

Small File Folder Icon New Installation

     Considerations for Installing Integration Services

Small File Folder Icon Upgrade

     Considerations for Upgrading Integration Services

     Considerations for Upgrading Data Transformation Services

Small File Folder Icon Migration

     Migrating Data Transformation Services Packages

     How to: Migrate Data Transformation Services Packages to Integration Services

Small File Folder Icon Package Deployment

     SSIS Package Configurations

     Creating Package Configurations

     Creating a Deployment Utility

     Deploying Packages by Using the Deployment Utility

     Redeploying Packages


Small File Folder Icon Interoperability and Coexistence

     Interoperability and Coexistence (Integration Services)

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