Terminal Services Configuration (Windows Embedded Standard 2009)


Terminal Services provide support for Remote Desktop, which you use to log onto and manage a target device remotely. From any Windows-based system with the Remote Desktop connection software installed, you can use Remote Desktop to remotely access data and manage your target device.

Windows Embedded Standard supports only a single Remote Desktop session at a time. While the device is being managed remotely, the target device locks, preventing any local access for the duration of the remote connection.

How to Configure Terminal Services

Describes the end-to-end process of adding Terminal Services support to your run-time image.

Adding Terminal Services to Your Configuration

Describes the Terminal Services support components to add to your run-time image.

Connecting to the Target with Remote Desktop

Describes how to connect to the target device using Remote Desktop.

Terminal Services Security

Describes some of the security considerations to make with regards to Terminal Services.

Design a Run-Time Image

Describes the design phase of the development process. During this phase you can choose the components and resources required for your run-time image.

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