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Windows Embedded Standard 2009 (subsequently referred to as "Windows Embedded Standard") delivers the power, familiarity and reliability of the Windows operating system in componentized form. By using Windows Embedded Standard, device makers can create smart, connected devices that provide rich applications, services and end - user experiences. Windows Embedded Standard includes technologies that comply with common industry standards in addition to several Microsoft desktop and server technologies leading to lower costs in application development, operating system deployment, servicing and maintenance. With Windows Embedded Standard developers can access embedded specific tools that work with Visual Studio.

Windows Embedded Standard offers support for all the PC architecture families; is compatible with many certified, production quality, off the shelf applications, drivers and services; and has a global ecosystem of Windows Embedded Standard experts giving device makers the confidence to develop the next generation of smart connected devices.

This Help collection provides information about new and existing features and technologies supported in Windows Embedded Standard. Tutorials, technical support, and documentation updates are offered to help you quickly learn the basics of Windows Embedded Standard, assist you with unique questions, and keep you informed about the latest product developments.

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