Preventing the display of Found New Hardware Wizard (Windows Embedded Standard 2009)


When you connect a PnP device and the run-time image does not contain the driver for the PnP device or if the driver package is not digitally signed, the run-time image displays the Found New Hardware Wizard.

  • Add the device driver components for the PnP devices that you will you be using to your run-time image configuration.

    - or -

  • Add the device drivers, for the PnP devices that you will be using, to your run-time image after you have deployed it. Connect the PnP device to your deployed run-time image and then use the wizard to install the driver.

    After the driver is installed, the wizard will not appear again for that PnP device.

If you do not know which devices will be connected to your embedded device, you can prevent the Found New Hardware Wizard ever appearing by setting a registry value. For more information, see Preventing Plug and Play.

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