Deploying the Device Update Program (Windows Embedded Standard 2009)


After you create your Device Update Program, deploy it to your Web server or media device poll location. Because the Device Update Program does not install the QFE directly, you must examine the files and registry settings to be updated and add the update files to the location specified in your Device Update Program. For more information, see How to Create a DUA Script for a QFE Update.

  1. Copy the Device Update Program to the location that the Device Update Agent is configured to poll. This can be a Web server or a media device.

  2. Copy all of the update files to the search path directory that is specified in the Device Update Program.

    If you are polling a Web server, the default search path for the update files starts at the root of the Web server, and is not relative to the location of the Device Update Program. When you copy your update files to the Web server, place them relative to the root of the Web server.

    When the Device Update Agent that is running on the target device polls the location, the Device Update Program will run.

    For information about configuring your Web server to support DUA, see Web Server Configuration for DUA.

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