How to Create a Run-Time Image for Mass Deployment (Windows Embedded Standard 2009)


You can configure your run-time image for mass deployment by adding the System Cloning component. The system cloning process ensures that each run-time image deployed has a unique security ID (SID) and computer name. For more information, see Cloning Overview.

Add the System Cloning component to your configuration before deploying it.

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Step Topic

1. Create your run-time image and add the system cloning tool component to your configuration.

Creating a Run-Time Image for Cloning

2. Copy the run-time image to the device and boot it. Allow the First Boot Agent (FBA) phase to complete.

If you have additional configurations to make, such as installing applications, you must reseal the run-time image with the Fbreseal.exe utility.

Booting a Run-Time Image for Cloning

3. Save the master run-time image. This image can be deployed to mass systems.

Creating a Master Run-Time Image for Cloning

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