Accessing and Modifying the Device's Registry Remotely (Windows Embedded Standard 2009)


During the application debugging process, it may be useful to use Regedit.exe from the development system to remotely access and modify the registry on the device. For example, you can remotely check the registry settings on a headless device.

  1. Add the Remote Registry component to the run-time image configuration for remote debugging and deploy the modified run-time image to the device.

  2. Establish a trust relationship between the development system and the device by mapping a drive on the development system to the device.

  3. On the development system, start regedit.exe.

  4. On the File menu, select Connect Network Registry....

  5. Type the system name in the text box.

    The system name is added to the regedit.exe tree view, making it possible to view and modify registry keys and values.

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