Inspecting the Contents of an Update (Windows Embedded Standard 2009)


You can use the /x switch to expand and inspect the contents of an update. This makes it possible to learn what changes the update implements. You can use this information to locate and deploy only the necessary files to your run-time image. You can also inspect the information (INF) file that is contained in an update package. Unnecessary files can increase the footprint size of your run-time image.

  • Use the /x switch to extract the package contents without running the Update.exe package installer. For example:

    c:\test>Update-name.exe /x

Or, specify a destination path :

c:\test>Update-name.exe /x:"foldername" (path_name)

If no folder is specified, the extraction is made to an automatically named subfolder.

For more information about the command-line switches and the Update.exe package installer, see the white paper Inside Update.exe - The Package Installer for Windows and Windows Components.

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