Creating an FBA Command (Windows Embedded Standard 2009)


First Boot Agent (FBA) commands are created as custom resources in Component Designer and Target Designer. These commands are performed when FBA runs, which is during the first boot of the run-time image on the target device. The following list shows the two custom resources that are unique to FBA:

  • FBA DLL/COM Registration
    This registers DLLs and COM objects by using the Regsvr32.exe tool at run time.
  • FBA Generic Command
    This can call any command-line executable during FBA processing.

The custom resource called FBA OC Mgr Request is reserved for Microsoft use only.

  1. Using Component Designer, create a new component, or edit an existing component, expand the node for the component, right-click Resources, and choose Add.

    - or -

    Using Target Designer, create a new configuration or open an existing configuration, right-click Extra Resources, and choose Add.

  2. Choose the FBA command that you want to create, either FBA Generic Command or FBA DLL/COM Registration.

  3. In the dialog box that appears, edit the properties of the custom resource.

    In the Extended Properties section, you must change the phase property to a number greater than 8500. Phases 0-8500 are reserved for system use only.
  4. Choose OK.

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