Redistributing the Device Update Script Compiler (Windows Embedded Standard 2009)


The device update script compiler, dusc.exe can be redistributed to support third-party script authoring.

  1. On a development machine with the Windows Embedded Studio for Windows Embedded Standard installed, navigate to the \Program Files\Windows Embedded\bin directory.

  2. Copy the following files to removable media or a network install location:

    \Program Files\Windows Embedded\bin\DUSC.exe

    \Program Files\Windows Embedded\bin\DUSCAUT.dll

  3. On the script-authoring machine, create a \DUSC directory.

  4. Copy Dusc.exe and Duscaut.dll to \DUSC.

  5. To register DUSCAUT.dll, navigate to the DUSC directory and type regsvr32 duscaut.dll at a command prompt.

    The Device Update script compiler is now accessible as Dusc.exe in the \DUSC directory.

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