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Multiple User Interface (MUI) Language Packs

Multiple User Interface (MUI) Language Packs (Windows Embedded Standard 2009)


You can configure support for multiple languages in your run-time image by adding Multiple User Interface (MUI) packs. MUI language packs enable you to localize your run-time image for multiple locales.

For more information about MUI language packs, see this Microsoft Web site.

How to Add Multiple Language Support to a Run-Time Image

Describes the end-to-end process of adding support for multiple MUIs to a run-time image.

Configuring a Run-Time Image to Support Multiple MUI Language Packs

Describes the steps that are required to configure a run-time image to support multiple MUIs.

Changing the Language in a Multiple MUI Run-Time Image

Describes how to change the language of a run-time image.

Language Support Configuration

Provides an overview of the language support topics in the documentation.

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