Licensing a Run-Time Image (Windows Embedded Standard 2009)


To distribute a Windows Embedded Standard run-time image, you must enter into an OEM agreement with Microsoft and then purchase a run-time license. As soon as you are licensed, you activate a run-time image by adding the 25-digit number run-time product key to a configuration in Target Designer.

One run-time product key is provided in the Microsoft Certificate of Authenticity (COA) package, and one COA is provided per run-time license. However, only one run-time product key is required to activate a run-time image, per device category. For example, a point-of-sale device requires a separate run-time image license from a set-top box.

Only run-time images built using the full Windows Embedded Standard product accept a run-time product key. Run-time images built using an evaluation version of Windows Embedded Standard cannot be activated.

Do not confuse the run-time product key with the tools product key, which is used to activate Windows Embedded Studio.

  1. Run Target Designer.

  2. Choose Settings under your configuration.

  3. Choose Run-time Image Licensing.

  4. Under Run-time Image Licensing, choose Show.

    In the Product Identification Key (PID) box, type the run-time product key for your run-time image.

By default, an unlicensed run-time image expires after 120 days.

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