DUA Script Compiler Commands (Windows Embedded Standard 2009)


The Device Update Agent service, Duagent.exe, runs on your target device and processes commands it receives from the Device Update Agent script compiler. The script compiler, Dusc.exe, is a command-line tool that translates script into an update program that is used by the Device Update Agent service.

This section describes the commands for the script compiler.

To convert an update script into an update program, open the Device Update Agent script compiler from the command line by using the following command:

dusc [/A] [/?] [drive:][path] infile [[drive:][path]outfile]

The following table shows the command options and their results.

Command Result


Causes the script compiler to append its output to the end of the file. If this switch is not specified, the existing output file is overwritten.


Displays the command-line Help.


Specifies the name of the update script (.dus) file.


Specifies the name, drive, and path of the update program (.dup) file.

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