Kernel Baseline Configurations (Windows Embedded Standard 2009)


A kernel baseline configuration includes the Windows XP kernel, dependencies, and device drivers. This configuration supports applications developed by using the Windows XP Device Driver Kit (DDK) but it does not support the Win32 API. To run a Windows-based application on your device, use the Minlogon or Winlogon configurations.

The minimum footprint for a kernel image is 4.8 MB uncompressed. To achieve the minimum footprint include in the configuration only the device drivers required to boot the system. The following list shows the device drivers that are typical for a kernel baseline image:

  • Atapi.sys
  • Classpnp.sys
  • Disk.sys
  • Fastfat.sys
  • Fs_rec.sys
  • Ftdisk.sys
  • Intelide.sys
  • Mountmgr.sys
  • Partmgr.sys
  • Pci.sys
  • Pciidex.sys
  • Update.sys
  • Wmilib.sys

If the %SystemRoot%\System32\drivers directory of your run-time image has additional driver files and is an IDE-based system, for example, not SCSI, remove devices from your configuration and experiment to determine the minimal set of devices required to boot your system. The following list shows some of the experiments you can perform:

  • Include the Standard PC computer component in your configuration. If Target Analyzer detects a different computer component, for example, Advanced Configuration and Power Interface (ACPI), delete the component from the configuration and use the Standard PC computer component instead.
  • Do not include help files in your configuration.
  • Include only the FAT file system component.
  • When prompted to select a language during the dependency check, choose English Language Support.

For additional information, see Building a Kernel Baseline Configuration.

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