Domain Participation (Windows Embedded Standard 2009)


You can configure a run-time image to participate in a domain by adding the Domain Participation macro component. This macro component includes all of the components that are required to join a domain.

Add the Domain Participation macro component to your configuration to support domain joining. For more information, see Adding a Component to a Configuration in Windows Embedded Standard Studio Help.

Configuring your run-time image to join a domain allows you to access domain-exclusive resources.

Manually Joining a Domain

Describes how to manually join your run-time image to a domain.

Automatically Joining a Domain with a Custom Application

Describes how to automatically join a domain with a custom domain-joining application.

Domain Participation Tools

Describes the NetJoinDomain function that you can call to join a domain.

Add Security Features to a Run-Time Image

Describes the different types of security features you can include in your run-time image.

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