Configuring IIS Access Permissions for DUA (Windows Embedded Standard 2009)


IIS serves only known file types with the appropriate permissions. Change the access permissions of the update files so they can be accessed by DUA.

  1. On your Web server, verify the user account you want to use with DUA. From the Start menu, right-click My Computer, then choose Manage. The Computer Management window appears.

  2. Expand the Users and Groups node and select Users. The current list of users on the server is displayed.

  3. Verify that the user account exists on the server.


    Create a new account specific to DUA. Right-click the Users folder and choose New User. Type the user name and password. For example, add the account DUAService.

  4. Close the Computer Management window.

  5. Open Windows Explorer and browse to the directory where your update files are located.

  6. Select all of the DUA update files. Right-click them and select Properties. The Properties dialog box appears.

  7. Under the Security tab, verify the following settings:

    • The Group or User name list must include the account that is used to access the files. Use the Add button to add a group or user if required. For example, if the DUAService account is used, verify that the account appears in the list.
    • The Permissions list must include, at a minimum, read permissions on the files. To improve security, you can prohibit write access to these files.

For additional information, see the IIS documentation at this Microsoft Web site.

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