Network Security Considerations (Windows Embedded Standard 2009)


If your device is connected to a network, it is potentially vulnerable to network attacks. When you are designing your run-time image, consider the security mechanisms that you can use to protect your device.

Disable File and Print Sharing

Describes security issues regarding file and print sharing.

Disable Open Network Ports

Describes security issues regarding network ports.

Disable Unnecessary Services

Describes security issues regarding Windows services.

Internet Protocol Security (IPSec) Support

Describes the IPSec security protocol.

Null Session Vulnerability

Describes potential security risks from null sessions.

Remote Registry Access

Describes the security risks associated with remote registry access.

RPC Interface Restriction

Describes RPC interface restrictions and how to customize RPC access.

Wireless Networking Encryption

Describes wireless network encryption technologies.

Local Security Considerations

Describes security considerations to make when configuring local access to your device.

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