Adding Remote Debugging Support for Managed Applications (Windows Embedded Standard 2009)


To remotely debug managed applications, you need to add additional components to your configuration.

  1. Verify that the following components are included in your configuration. If they are not included, add them.

    • Windows Installer Service
      The Windows Installer Service component is required to install the required .NET Framework remote debugging service.
    • User Account
      The User Account component provides authentication for the device remote debugging service and Visual Studio .NET 2003 remote debugging.
  2. In the configuration editor, select the User Account component, and then choose the Advanced button in the details pane.

  3. In the Advanced Components Properties window:

    • Change the cmiUserName value from <My Username> to the user name that you use to log into your development system.
    • Change the cmiUserPassword value from <My Password> to the password that you use to log into your development system.
    • Set the cmiUserGroup value to 1. This makes the user a member of the Administrators group, giving them access.

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