DUA Script Command Reference (Windows Embedded Standard 2009)


This section provides a reference for the Device Update Agent (DUA) commands. The following table shows the available commands.

Command Description

COPYFILE (Windows Embedded Standard)

Copies an existing file to a new file.

CREATEDIRECTORY (Windows Embedded Standard)

Creates a new directory.


Suspends the execution of the current thread for the specified interval.

DELETEFILE (Windows Embedded Standard)

Deletes an existing file.


Creates a new process and a primary thread.


Executes a process.


Opens a session for a specific web site, initiates access to a remote file for reading, retrieves the file from the server, and then stores it under the specified file name.

MOVEFIL (Windows Embedded Standard)

Moves a file to a specified location.

REBOOT (Windows Embedded Standard)

Logs off the current user, shuts down the system, or shuts down and restarts the system.


Creates the specified registry key.

REGDELETEKEY (Windows Embedded Standard)

Deletes a key.

REGDELETEVALUE (Windows Embedded Standard)

Removes a named value from the specified registry key.


Reads the registry information in a specified file and copies it over the specified key.

REGSAVEKEY (Windows Embedded Standard)

Saves the specified key and all its subkeys and values to a new file.


Sets the data for the default or unnamed value of a specified registry key.

REMOVEDIRECTORY (Windows Embedded Standard)

Deletes an existing empty directory.

SETFILEATTRIBUTES (Windows Embedded Standard)

Sets the attributes of a file.

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