Using the POS Device Manager Command-Line Tool (POS for .NET v1.12 SDK Documentation)


To use the POS Device Manager Command-Line Tool after Windows Embedded for Point of Service has been installed on your computer, and after the Windows Firewall settings have been changed as described in Changing Windows Firewall Settings to Enable Remote Device Management.

On the command line, type posdm followed by a space and then any of the commands and switches listed below.

The general syntax is:

posdm [general switches] command [command arguments]

Command-Line Help for POSDM

Demonstrates how to access Help about POSDM syntax, usage, and commands.

General POSDM Switches

Describes several commonly used POSDM command-line switches.

POSDM Commands

Provides a comprehensive list of the commands that you can use in POSDM.

POSDM Command Arguments

Describes several switches that can be used as arguments in POSDM.