Notification Service

This page has been deprecated and the content will not be refreshed as of February 2013.

Instead please see Notification Service Reference or Bing Ads API Overview.

The Notification service provides operations that you can use to get budget-related notifications, such as notification that a campaign’s budget balance is depleted or that an account’s credit card is about to expire. You can also get a notification when an ad or keyword is rejected for editorial reasons.

The service uses a pull model, so the frequency with which you get notifications depends on your application’s needs. Notifications that are older than 90 days are removed from the system.

To get notifications that have not been consumed, call the GetNotifications operation. To get all notifications (both those that have been consumed and those that have not been consumed) for a specified date range, call the GetArchivedNotifications operation.

For a list of notifications that you can get, see NotificationType.