Ajax Script Globalization and Localization

The ScriptManager control enables you to globalize and localize client script files. Globalization lets you use the Date and Number JavaScript type extensions in your script and have those objects display values that are based on the current culture. Localization lets you provide client script files for different cultures.

Localizing Resources for Component Libraries Overview

Shows how to localize scripts files and their associated resources.

Walkthrough: Globalizing a Date by Using Client Script

Shows how to globalize dates and numbers in client script, based on browser settings.

Walkthrough: Embedding Localized Resources for a JavaScript File

Shows how to provide resources for a client script file that is embedded in an assembly.

Walkthrough: Adding Localized Resources to a JavaScript File

Shows how to provide resources for a script file on disk.

Client Script in ASP.NET Web Pages

Shows how to include script files together with ASP.NET Web pages and how to use the Microsoft Ajax Library.

Partial-Page Rendering Overview

Provides information about how to update parts of the page without a full-page postback.

Adding Ajax Functionality to ASP.NET Controls

Provides tutorials and examples for creating custom client components and ASP.NET server controls that manage components that use the Microsoft Ajax Library.