Using XNA Framework Starter Kits

An XNA Framework Starter Kit is a complete, self-contained game that includes both game code and media. A starter kit is ready for you to load and build. Each kit comes with its own documentation, including descriptions of programming techniques, and suggestions for how it may be customized. A starter kit provides a great way to see a working XNA Framework game in action and to see what is possible using XNA Game Studio Express for game development.

To load and build an XNA Framework Starter Kit

  1. On the File menu in Visual C# Express, click New Project.

    The New Project dialog box appears. It displays the different default project types that Visual C# Express can create. Among these are the XNA Framework–specific project types.

  2. Choose an XNA Framework Starter Kit project type—for example, the Spacewar Windows Starter Kit—and click OK. The Spacewar Starter Kit then loads into Visual C# Express.
  3. To build and launch the Spacewar Starter Kit project, press F5.