The XNA Framework provides classes and methods for manipulating vectors and matrices. This section discusses math and includes examples of common math-related game tasks.

In This Section

Math Overview
Overview of the math-related functionality provided by the XNA Framework.
Collision Detection Overview
Overview of the collision-detection–related functionality provided by the XNA Framework.
How To: Transform a Point with a Matrix
This example demonstrates how to use the Vector3 and Matrix classes to transform a point.
How To: Rotate and Move a Camera
Demonstrates how to rotate and move a first-person camera in a 3D environment.
How To: Make a First-Person Camera
Demonstrates how to create a first-person camera.
How To: Make a Third-Person Camera
Demonstrates how to create a third-person camera.
How To: Script the Camera to Follow a Curve
Demonstrates how to use the Curve and CurveKey classes to script the movement of the camera.
How To: Position the Camera to View All Objects in a Scene
Demonstrates how to position the camera so that all objects in a scene are within the view frustum while maintaining the camera's original orientation.
How To: Detect Whether Two Models Collide
Demonstrates how to use the BoundingSphere class to check whether two models are colliding.
How To: Detect Whether a User Clicked a 3D Object
Demonstrates how to check whether the mouse is positioned over a 3D object by creating a ray starting at the camera's near clipping plane and ending at its far clipping plane.

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