Getting Started with XNA Game Studio Express

XNA Game Studio Express is an integrated development environment designed to make it easier to develop games for Windows and Xbox 360. XNA Game Studio Express extends Microsoft Visual C# 2005 Express Edition to support the XNA Framework, a managed-code class library that contains functionality targeted specifically to game development tasks. In addition, XNA Game Studio Express includes tools for incorporating graphic and audio content into your game.

The XNA Framework is designed to be similar to the .NET Framework in terms of its design patterns and idioms. With XNA Game Studio Express, you are able to use functionality from both the XNA Framework and the .NET Framework in your game. Use the XNA Framework for game-specific tasks such as graphics rendering and managing input. Use the .NET Framework for more general programming tasks.

In This Section

Setup and System Requirements
Describes which operating systems are supported by XNA Game Studio Express as well as additional software required to use XNA Game Studio Express.
Connecting to Your Xbox 360 Console with XNA Game Studio Express
This article provides the steps necessary to connect and deploy a game to your Xbox 360 console by using XNA Game Studio Express.
Your First Game: Microsoft XNA Game Studio Express in 2D
This article leads you through the steps necessary to create a simple sprite-based game by using XNA Game Studio Express.
Going Beyond: XNA Game Studio Express in 3D
This multipart tutorial takes you through the first steps of creating your own 3D game using XNA Game Studio Express.
Using XNA Framework Starter Kits
Describes how to create an instance of an XNA Framework Starter Kit.
Documentation Roadmap
Describes the documentation for XNA Game Studio Express.
Support Options and Additional Resources
Describes additional resources for developing with the XNA Framework.