How To: Copy a File

This example demonstrates how to use the StorageContainer class to copy a save game file in the title storage area on a device specified by the gamer. This example assumes you have already obtained a StorageDevice - to obtain a StorageDevice, see How To: Get a StorageDevice Asynchronously.

The Complete Sample

The code in this tutorial illustrates the technique described in the text. A complete code sample for this tutorial is available for you to download, including full source code and any additional supporting files required by the sample.

To copy a save game file in title storage

  1. Call the Guide.BeginShowStorageDeviceSelector method to obtain a device index indicating which device the user prefers.
  2. Open a StorageContainer on the device, passing the name of your title.
  3. Call Path.Combine to merge the container path with the name of the source and destination files.
  4. Call File.Copy with the file name of the file to copy, and the name of the new copy to be created. You may also specify whether to overwrite existing files.
  5. Dispose the StorageContainer to commit the changes to the device.
private static void DoCopy(StorageDevice device)
    // Open a storage container.
    StorageContainer container =

    // Add the container path to our file name.
    string filename = Path.Combine(container.Path, "demobinary.sav");
    string copyfilename = Path.Combine(container.Path, "copybinary.sav");

    File.Copy(filename, copyfilename, true);

    // Dispose the container, to commit the change.

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