Describes how the XNA Framework Graphics libraries provide low-level resource loading and rendering capabilities.

In This Section

Displays, Client Bounds, Viewports, and Back Buffers
Describes the relationships between the display, client, viewport, and back buffer size properties.
Render Targets
Describes how render targets can be an important part of your XNA Framework game when you render simple or complex scenes. For a description of a render target, see What Is a Render Target?.
Effect States
Provide a mechanism for effects to control the graphics device state. Setting a state through an effect file has exactly the same effect as setting the corresponding render state or sampler state from your C# code.
2D Graphics
Discusses the basics of 2D rendering and includes examples of how to display sprites.
3D Graphics
Provides an overview of the 3D Graphics classes as well as tutorials to demonstrate low-level 3D rendering.
"What Is" Articles
Provides brief overviews of some 3D graphics concepts.

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