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VSTS Extensibility 

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VSTS Extensibility

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VSTS Extensibility

Team System Facilitates process, it does not dictate process

Team System was created to support the implementation of process – not to dictate it. Microsoft provides out-of-the-box process guidance, based on industry-standard methodologies, and proven success. However, Microsoft fully expects that many organizations will need to create their own process guidance, and implement their own methodologies to meet their particular business needs. And because of the extensibility inherent in Visual Studio Team System, customers and third party partners can easily meet these needs. Indeed, one of the main purposes of this guided tour is to help showcase the ways in which Team System avails itself to extensibility, and how it can help provide an attractive ecosystem for customers and Visual Studio Industry Partners.

VSTS Extensibility

Visual Studio Team System (VSTS) provides targeted process guidance and development templates out of the box. With very little effort, organizations deploying Team System will see immediate improvement to their development efforts in terms of increased communication, improved project metrics, and a greater degree of success. But Visual Studio Team System was not designed to meet the needs of all organizations out of the box. Instead, Team System was designed to meet customer requirements by providing them with a suitable framework with which they could tailor to meet their own needs. Team System was also explicitly designed to ensure that Visual Studio Industry Partners could provide additional functionality in the form of tools, methodologies, build add-ons, and other custom solutions and suits to meet customer needs.

VSTS and the VS SDK

Support for extending Visual Studio Team System is found in the VS SDK in the form of a collection of whitepapers, examples, and other related resources that are copied to the VS SDK directory upon installation of the SDK. The materials contained in the VSTS portion of the VS SDK are aimed primarily at extending Team Foundation Server, but sufficient information is provided for to help developers who wish to target more client-oriented aspects of Team System – such as Team Explorer, Team Projects, Testing Tools, and other features. VSTS architecture, along with an overview of the core services offered by the VSTS framework accompany resources detailing Version Control, Work Item Tracking, Team Build, Reporting, and Process templates. Additional materials also provide an overview of the Utilities that ship with the VSTS framework. Finally, examples of extensibility solutions round out the VSTS SDK materials and help provide developers with core information needed to ensure that they are able to extend Visual Studio System to meet their needs, or the needs of their customers.

VSTS Extensibility Demos

In addition to the valuable information provided in the SDK about Team System extensibility, this guided tour provides a number of walkthroughs designed to provide partners with step-by-step examples of how to extend key points of the Team System. These walkthroughs are not intended to be comprehensive, but will enable developers to gain a solid vantage point to reference for their own extensibility projects.