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VSIP Partner Offerings 

Visual Studio 2005
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VSIP Partner Offerings

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Overview of VSIP Partner Offerings

Access to the Visual Studio APIs Requires Registration

In order to implement advanced integration scenarios, organizations need access to the APIs Microsoft used to develop Visual Studio 2005. While Microsoft needs third parties to extend Visual Studio, access is restricted to only registered partners. The good news, though, is that becoming a partner only requires a simple, and free, registration process. In other words, once you have completed a free registration process on the VSIP site, you gain complete access to the Visual Studio SDK and accompanying APIs for both Visual Studio and Visual Studio Team System.

Partnering with Microsoft provides rich benefits

Microsoft developed the Visual Studio Industry Partner (VSIP) program to ensure that Independent Software Vendors (ISVs), Systems Integrators (SIs), academic institutions, corporations, and other organizations have the correct resources and support needed to extend Visual Studio 2005. In addition to the technical offerings provided for advanced integrations scenarios, the VSIP Program provides benefits such as the ability to co-market with Microsoft – a key benefit in ensuring commercial viability and success.

VSIP offers a variety of partnership types to meet your needs

There are four types of VSIP partnerships. Each partnership offering has been geared towards a specific audience, to ensure that the needs of all organizations can be met.

Affiliate: Affiliate membership is provided complimentary from Microsoft, and merely requires registration. This makes it ideal for those with minimal needs, like educational institutions, researchers, ISVs, SIs, hobbyists, shareware developers, and others. Affiliate partners gain access to the Visual Studio and Visual Studio Team Services SDKs as well as other supporting resources. Affiliate partners are also able to include their commercially available products in the product catalog on the Visual Studio.NET partner web site – an excellent marketing opportunity given the cost.

Alliance Marketing:
Alliance Marketing partners enter in to a formal partnership with Microsoft and are therefore afforded greater access to integration resources, including labs, MSDN Universal Subscriptions, as well as key marketing opportunities. Alliance Marketing partners are also allowed to use the "Optimized for Visual Studio.NET" logo on product boxes, web sites, and other marketing collateral. Information about their components can also be included in the Visual Studio in-box catalog – a very attractive way to quickly and effectively reach Visual Studio customers. In addition, Alliance Marketing partners gain access to pre-release copies of key SDKs, and have the opportunity to partner with Microsoft through approved venues such as newsletters, press releases, and case studies. Alliance Marketing partnerships require registration, as well as a VSIP Program Agreement, and cost $3,000 USD.

Premier Marketing:
Premier Marketing partnerships include the same benefits as Alliance Marketing partnerships with additional access to key marketing resources such as inclusion in the contact database used by Microsoft’s worldwide sales staff, and inclusion on the Visual Studio Partner web site. Premier Marketing partners also have access to a dedicated partner marketing contact, and have the ability to participate in Microsoft-sponsored webcasts as well as the ability to provide technical and marketing materials to Microsoft’s sales force for lead generation. Premier Marketing partnerships require registration and a VSIP Partner Agreement, and cost $10,000 USD.

Premier Partner Edition Partnership:
Premier Partnerships cost the same as Premier marketing partnerships, but take the relationship to the next level – meaning that Premier Edition Partners are eligible to license and distribute Visual Studio as well as Visual Studio 2005 Premium Partner Edition. This provides an excellent mechanism for integration – allowing partners to integrate their solutions directly with Visual Studio for sale as a single solution for interested organizations. Premier Partner Edition Partnerships require registration, a VSIP Partner agreement, and cost $10,000 USD. All Partnerships allow access to the Visual Studio 2005 SDKs and APIs All four of the partnership options described above include access to the Visual Studio SDK. Access to the SDK is key to success as the SDK provides key information about the Visual Studio APIs, as well as supporting documentation, samples, walkthroughs, and guidance on implementing Visual Studio extensibility in a secure, robust, and efficient manner. Another key benefit of the SDK is that it provides access to Visual Studio Experimental Build – a special modification to Visual Studio 2005 that allows developers to test and deploy their integration projects without fear of ruining their development environments.

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