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Microsoft.SystemDefinitionModel.Tools [SDM] 

Visual Studio 2005
SDM Reference


The Microsoft.SystemDefinitionModel.Tools namespace (found in SdmCompile.dll) contains the following members:


Class Description
Compiler The entry point for compiling an .sdm file.
DocumentConstraintError Defines SDM constraint errors.
DocumentError Base class for all SDM compiler errors.
DocumentErrorCollection Collection of SDM errors found during compilation.
DocumentErrorEventArgs Contains the error information when an SDM compiler error occurs.
DocumentParseError Defines an SDM document parsing error.
DocumentReference Defines SDM documents that are loaded as references.
DocumentReferenceCollection Represents a collection of SDM document references to be used during compilation.
DocumentResolutionError Represents an error in SDM document resolution.
SearchPathCollection Represents a collection of directories that make up the search path.


Delegate Description
DocumentErrorEventHandler Defines the delegate that is called when a DocumentError is reported.


Enumeration Description
WarningLevel Specifies error levels and descriptions.
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