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The Visual Studio provides support for creating an editor that can be hosted in the Visual Studio integrated development environment (IDE). Additionally, Visual Studio provides a customizable editor called the core editor. If you use the core editor, you have access to the interfaces that implement a custom language service. Editors can be developed to work with all project systems or to work with only your own custom project system.

In This Section

Editor Essentials

Describes the core elements and concepts for understanding and using editors in your VSPackages.

Types of Editors

Lists the types of editors available to you in Visual Studio and details the features of each editor.

Editor Design Decisions

Discusses the importance of selecting the correct type of editor for extending the environment and provides design criteria for selecting the correct editor.

How to: Create an Editor (C#)

Describes how to create a standard editor using the Visual Studio Integration Package Wizard.

How to: Create an Editor for a VSPackage

Describes a more in-depth process for creating a standard editor for a VSPackage.

In-Place Activation

Explains how to implement your editor view as an ActiveX control or as an Active document data object if your view hosts ActiveX controls.

Simplified Embedding

Describes how to implement a simplified embedding editor.

Editor Factories

A conceptual overview of editor factories in Visual Studio SDK.

How to: Provide Context for Editors or Designers

Discusses how to provide context for an editor or a designer.

Language Service Context for the Core Editor

Discusses how to provide language service context for the Visual Studio core editor.

Document Windows and Editors

Discusses the purpose of document windows, defines the two types of editors that a document window can host, and discusses the two types of editor implementations that the IDE supports.

Core Editor

Describes the features of the core editor and provides details about how to customize the core editor.

Associating Editors with Projects and File Types

Describes how to create and register editor factories in the Visual Studio IDE by using tools available in Visual Studio SDK.

Editor Features

Explains how the Visual Studio SDK provides features to enable state-of-the-art editor implementations that take advantage of Visual Studio core editor functionality.

Advanced Editor Scenarios

Describes advanced features that the Visual Studio SDK offers to extend editors.

Editor Walkthroughs

Lists walkthroughs that illustrate how to customize editors

Editor Samples

Lists samples that illustrate how to customize editors

Editors Frequently Asked Questions

Contains responses to questions and issues about editors from the Visual Studio user community.

Related Sections

Core Editor

Lists the six components of the Visual Studio core editor that let you modify and query textual information.

Developing a Language Service

Provides links to features that provide customization capabilities to the Visual Studio core editor by adding support for a language service.

User Interfaces

Explains how to use Visual Studio services to create UI elements that match the rest of Visual Studio.