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Project and Solution Samples

Visual Studio 2005
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The following table includes a list of samples in the Visual Studio SDK that demonstrate project and solution functionality.

In This Section

Project Subtype Sample

Demonstrates the capabilities of support in Visual Studio for project subtypes that enable a VSPackage to "inherit" an existing Visual Studio project type and add to, change, or remove parts of its functionality.

Managed Visual Studio Project Sample

Demonstrates how to use Visual Studio Managed Package Framework (MPF) classes to create and register a Visual Studio project.

Basic Project Sample

Demonstrates how to add a simple reference-based project to the integrated development environment (IDE).

Solution Extender Sample

Demonstrates the use of a document window to create and persist additional information pertaining to the solution.

Figures Project Sample

Contributes a more specialized project than Basic Project to the IDE.

Project Startup Services

Demonstrates how to implement the IVsProjectStartupServices interface.

MyC Configuration Property Pages Sample

The Build property page presents the options passed to the Myce compiler when you build the MyC VSPackages project.

MyC Output Groups Sample

Demonstrates how to participate in deployment operations by specifying the configuration outputs and output groups.

HierUtil7 Sample

Provides a framework on which all the samples are built.

Solution Hierarchy Traversal Sample (C#)

Demonstrates how to traverse (that is, "walk" or navigate through) items in a solution's hierarchy.

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