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Visual Studio Integration Samples

Visual Studio 2005
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The Visual Studio SDK includes samples that demonstrate how to integrate what you develop into the Visual Studio integrated development environment (IDE).

Besides examining the samples in the following list, you also can look at samples available on Visual Studio Extensibility Developer Center (

Technologies For more information
  • MSBuild tasks

  • Project types

  • Language services

  • Tool windows

  • Windows Forms designer

  • CodeDOM

IronPython Samples

  • Project types

  • Language services

  • Help integration

Figures Sample

  • Project types

  • HierUtil7

  • Language services

  • Babel

  • Expression evaluator

My C Package Sample

  • MSBuild tasks

  • Task List window

  • Solution Explorer

CodeSweep Sample (C#)

  • Toolbox

  • VSPackages

ToolboxControlsInstaller Sample (C#)