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Visual Studio SDK Reference

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This section links you to reference information about various aspects of VSPackage development.

In This Section

Visual Studio Platform Reference

Contains useful types that wrap the Visual Studio shell interfaces.

Managed Package Framework Reference

Contains the managed package framework (MPF) types.

SDM Reference

Covers the System Definition Model.

Team Edition For Testers Reference

Contains types that are useful for creating tests.

IntellisenseHostFlags enumeration

Specifies IntelliSense host flags.

Command Table Format Reference

Describes the contents of a command table configuration (.ctc) file.

Command Table Compiler XML Schema Reference

Provides a table of Command Table Compiler schema elements, with allowed child elements and attributes for each.

GUIDs and Constants in Visual Studio SDK

Gives a list of GUIDs used throughout the SDK.

COM Constants and Macros in Managed Code

Gives a list of identifiers for user interface elements used throughout the Environment SDK.

Source Control Plug-ins

Links to topics for the Source Control Plug-in API.

Command-Line Switches (Visual Studio SDK)

Links to topics that discuss how developers can automate several tasks from the command line.

Error Handling and Return Values

Explains the error architecture for VSPackages, which is the same as that employed in other Windows programming.

Babel Icons

Gives a list of the icons available for use in Babel.


Gives a list of the objects that are used in the environment.


Gives a list of helpful terms and their definitions for use when you are reading the Visual Studio SDK documentation.

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