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How to: Use GetGlobalService (C#)

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Sometimes you may need to get a service from a tool window or control container that has not been sited, or else has been sited with a service provider that does not know about the service you want. For example, you might want to write to the activity log from within a control. For more information about these and other scenarios, see How to: Troubleshoot Services.

You can get most Visual Studio services by calling the static GetGlobalService method.

GetGlobalService relies on a cached service provider that is initialized the first time any VSPackage derived from Package is sited. You must guarantee that this condition is met, or else be prepared for a null service.

Fortunately, GetGlobalService works correctly most of the time.

  • If a VSPackage provides a service known only to another VSPackage, the VSPackage requesting the service is sited before the VSPackage providing the service is loaded.

  • If a tool window is created by a VSPackage, the VSPackage is sited before the tool window is created.

  • If a control container is hosted by a tool window created by a VSPackage, the VSPackage is sited before the control container is created.

To get a service from within a tool window or control container

  • Insert this code in the constructor, tool window, or control container:

    IVsActivityLog log = 
        Package.GetGlobalService(typeof(SVsActivityLog)) as IVsActivityLog;
    if (log == null) return;

    This code obtains an SVsActivityLog service and casts it to an IVsActivityLog interface, which can be used to write to the activity log. For an example, see How to: Write to the Activity Log (C#).

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