This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Converter Messages 

Visual Studio 2005

When converting a project or a compiled Help file, the converter displays messages in the General Output window during the process and creates a conversion log after the conversion is complete. An error message appears on-screen to notify you when converter messages have been generated in the Output window. The following types of messages are generated:

  • Warning

  • Error

  • Completion status

Warning Messages

Because HTML Help 1.x and Microsoft Help 2.0 have different file structures, the converter may encounter an HTML Help 1.x construct that has no direct translation in Microsoft Help, but for which a reasonably close translation can be made. For example, HTML Help 1.x information types are converted to attributes in Microsoft Help. In these cases, the converter makes the translation and issues a warning.


Warnings of a given type are issued only once.

Warning Definition

Warning HXCONV1101

Information types converted as attributes.

Warning HXCONV1201

Window definitions will not be converted.

Warning HXCONV1206

TOC background images will not be preserved.

Warning HXCONV1207

Auto-TOC is not supported.

Warning HXCONV1208

Unrecognized section <section> in project file.

Warning HXCONV1209

[MERGE FILES] must be registered in primary title's namespace.

Warning HXCONV1210

TOC background/foreground color will not be preserved.

Warning HXCONV1211

Embedded TOCs will not be converted.

Warning HXCONV1212

Embedded indexes will not be converted.

Warning HXCONV1221

Shortcuts will not be converted.

Warning HXCONV1222

Related Topics will not be converted.

Warning HXCONV1223

Cannot find file <file>.

Warning HXCONV1224

Default namespace mapping used in URL.

Warning HXCONV1231

Close command will not be converted (use -p for script conversion).

Warning HXCONV1232

HH Version command will not be converted (use -p for script conversion).

Warning HXCONV1233

TCard command will not be converted.

Warning HXCONV1411

The HTML tag <tag> has invalid characters appearing before the closing angle bracket: <bracket>.

Warning HXCONV1412

The HTML tag <tag> is not a valid HTML tag (it does not begin with an alphanumeric character).

Warning HXCONV1413

The HTML end tag <tag> has invalid characters before the closing angle bracket.

Warning HXCONV1414

An empty HTML tag has been used.

Warning HXCONV1415

The following option line does not contain an '=' character separating the option and its value <value>.

Warning HXCONV1416

The option <option> is not recognized.

Warning HXCONV1417

The file <file> is already listed in the [FILES] section of the project file.

Error Messages

At times, the converter may encounter a situation for which it has no close translation or solution. When this occurs, it will issue an error message and stop processing the current file. If processing a project, the converter will continue to process the rest of the project if possible.

Error Message Definition

Error HXCONV2001

Unrecognized parameter <param>.

Error HXCONV2002

Parameter <param> requires a value.

Error HXCONV2004

No input files specified.

Error HXCONV2005

Cannot open file <file>.

Error HXCONV2006

Cannot open mapping file <file>.

Error HXCONV2007

Cannot open log file <file>.

Error HXCONV2008

Cannot create output directory <dir>.

Error HXCONV2009

Out of disk space on drive <drive>.

Error HXCONV2010

File <file> exists (use -y to overwrite).

Error HXCONV2011

Unrecognized file type <type>.

Error HXCONV2020

Parameter <param> may only be specified once.

Error HXCONV2021

Both '-q' and '-v' specified.

Error HXCONV2022

Only one input file may be specified.

Error HXCONV2023

Corrupt file <file>.

Error HXCONV2024

Error writing to file <file>.

Error HXCONV2027

The project locale is not supported: <locale>.

Error HXCONV2028

A required component is missing or has not been registered: <component>.

Error HXCONV2029

Both '-w' and '-u' specified.

Error HXCONV2030

Parameter <param> does not take a value.

Error HXCONV2031

The project lcid <lcid> is not supported.

Error HXCONV2032

This version of Windows only supports the conversion of projects that use the same locale as the system. The project lcid is <lcid>.

Error HXCONV2033

This version of Windows only supports the conversion of projects that use the same locale as the system. The project locale is <locale>.

Error HXCONV2040

The locale does not support conversion of this .chm file. Make sure the default system locale and the User Input locale both support the language of the .chm file.

Error HXCONV2410

The HTML tag '<tag>' is missing a closing angle bracket.

Error HXCONV2415

: A comment tag (<!--) is missing the close comment tag (-->).

Completion Status Messages

Upon completion, the converter displays one of the following messages, depending on the results of the conversion.

Completion Status Message Definition

Conversion completed successfully.

The converter encountered no warnings or errors.

Conversion completed with warnings.

The converter encountered warnings, but no errors.

Conversion completed with errors.

The converter encountered errors, but was still able to generate a converted file or project.

Conversion failed.

The converter failed to generate a converted file or project; for example, if there is not enough disk space, or if the converter encounters a corrupt HTML Help 1.x Help project (.hhp) file.

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