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Tool Windows

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Tools windows are child windows of the Visual Studio integrated development environment (IDE) that are used to display information. The Toolbox, Solution Explorer, Properties window, and Web Browser are examples of tool windows provided by the IDE.

For an end-to-end sample of a language project system that provides a console tool window, see the IronPython Samples.

In This Section

Tool Window Essentials

Presents the information that you must know to understand tool windows.

How to: Create a Tool Window (C#)

Shows how to create a tool window by using the Visual Studio Integration Package Wizard.

Registering Tool Windows

Describes how to register and configure tool windows.

How to: Open a Tool Window Programmatically (C#)

Explains how to open a tool window programmatically.

How to: Open a Dynamic Tool Window (C#)

Explains how to open and close a tool window programmatically, depending on user interface (UI) context.

Tool Window Walkthroughs

Presents the most common scenarios for working with tool windows.

Tool Window Samples

Demonstrates tool window functionality.

Tool Windows Frequently Asked Questions

Contains responses to questions and issues about tool windows from the Visual Studio user community.

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