This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Include (.HxF) File 

Lists all the files—such as index (.HxK) files, table of contents (.HxT) files, HTML topic files, cascading style sheets, script files, graphic and other media files—to include in a compiled Help (.HxS) file.


The following example shows the basic structure of a file list file.


The file consists of tags, each of which contains one or more attributes.

Choose an attribute to see its corresponding topic.

Comments indicate which attributes are required.

Where applicable, defined choices are displayed in parentheses.

All attribute values must be enclosed in quotation marks.

As with all XML documents, the tags and attributes in this file are case-sensitive.

<?xml version="1.0"?>

<!DOCTYPE HelpFileList SYSTEM "ms-help://hx/resources/HelpFileList.DTD">


   Id Attribute = ""

   DTDVersion Attribute = "1.0" <!-- Required -->

   FileVersion Attribute = ""


<File <!-- Can appear 0 or more times -->

   Url Attribute = "" <!-- Required -->




When you create a project in Microsoft Help Workshop, an include (.HxF) file is automatically added to the project, and automatically updated when the project is saved or compiled. Although the .HxF file cannot be edited from within Microsoft Help Workshop, it can be manually edited from a text editor like Notepad from outside the Visual Studio IDE.

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