HxMerge Project (.HxM) File
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HxMerge Project (.HxM) File 

Specifies files and options to be used by HxMerge.exe in the creation of combined full-text index (.HxQ) files, and combined attribute index (.HxR) files.


The following examples show the basic structure of a project file and its accompanying include file.


No document type definition (DTD) file has been provided for the .HxM file. Because HxMerge.exe reads this file as well-formed XML, a DTD is not required.

The file specified for the StopWordFile attribute should be the same stop word list file that the Help title was compiled with.

<?xml version="1.0"?>

<!DOCTYPE HelpAttributes>


   Id Attribute = ""

   DTDVersion Attribute = "1.0"

   FileVersion Attribute = ""

   LangId Attribute = "1033"

   StopWordFile Attribute = "*.txt"

   OutputFile Attribute = (*.hxq|*.hxr)"

   BuildResult Attribute = (FTS|Attr)>

<IncludeFile File Attribute = "*.txt"/>


The include file is a text file, saved with a .txt extension. This file should contain only the local path for each .HxS file to include in the merge.


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