How to: Force a VSPackage to Load
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How to: Force a VSPackage to Load

VSPackages are ordinarily loaded only when their accompanying functionality is required to complete a process. Under some circumstances, however, a VSPackage may have to force another VSPackage to be loaded. For example, a lightweight VSPackage might load a larger VSPackage in a programming context that is not available as a CMDUIContext.

You can use the LoadPackage method to force a VSPackage to load.

To force a VSPackage to load

  • Insert this code into the Initialize method of the VSPackage that forces another VSPackage to load:

    IVsShell shell = GetService(typeof(SVsShell)) as IVsShell;
    if (shell == null) return;
    IVsPackage package = null;
    Guid PackageToBeLoadedGuid = typeof(PackageToBeLoaded).GUID;    // VS 2008
    shell.LoadPackage(ref PackageToBeLoadedGuid, out package);

    When the VSPackage is initialized, it will force PackageToBeLoaded to load.

Force loading should not be used for VSPackage communication. Use Services instead.

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