This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

XLink Markup 

XLinks are one-to-many links based on the principle that each topic contains one or more keywords. When you create a link, you add keywords belonging to topics to which you would like to link. When a user clicks an XLink, one of the following two things can happen:

  • If only one topic is associated with the link, the user directly accesses the topic.

  • If more than one topic is associated with the link, a table or menu-style list of links is displayed. The user can then choose a topic.

XLinks are useful in situations where you need to link to more than one topic from a single link. They can also be used for linking to content stored in a different compiled Help (.HxS) file. To create XLinks with a one-to-one relationship, each topic must contain one keyword that is unique to that topic. This is the keyword that will be used when linking to a single topic stored in an external .HxS file.


The following example shows the markup that can be used in an XLink.


   Keywords Attribute = "data;search" <!-- Required -->

   TabIndex Attribute = "0" <!-- Required -->

   HoverColor Attribute = "orange"

   Disambiguator Attribute = "table | menu"

   ErrorURL Attribute = "ms-help://Hx/Resources/noKeywordTopics.htm"

   FilterName Attribute = ""

   FilterString Attribute = ""

   IndexMoniker Attribute = "!DefaultAssociativeIndex"

   Namespace Attribute = ""

   Options Attribute = "0">

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